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Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together

Over 300,000 buyers of used machinery visit our site every month. On the other side we have a network of more than 10,000 sellers. Our team of specialists works with both sides to make sure they each get what they want, then brings them together to close the deal.

Our team


Just because we sell machines, doesn’t mean we are machines!

Our very human specialists work behind the scenes to ensure that buyers find the exact machinery they’re looking for and sellers get the serious, qualified leads they want, in sectors ranging from wood, metal and plastic to print, packaging, textile and others, just to name a few


Thank you for great collaboration with VAMO Service. It helps us to find customers from different countries and make good deals. This service is helpful from beginning to end with efficient communication.

Mr Sandeep GUPTA

The services offered by VAMO have proven to be of great interest since we can easily select machines online with lots of different choices. After assessing the needs of the clients regarding the offer, we can quickly connect together. The seller and the buyer meet up to negotiate the price of the equipment. Thanks to a precise description asked by VAMO, the potential buyer knows what he is about to buy and we can quickly come to an agreement.

Mr Laurent Pollet